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Learn live via Website and apps with CoachAKG and Team. Where you will get the solution instantly.

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You will get the freedom of time, whenever you have time, you can watch the recorded session.

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You get the chance to join physical event where learn so many things and meet with CoachAKG.

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You get certificate for each course, which will help you to increase your confidence & opportunity

About Abhishek Goswami

*Mr. Abhishek Goswami is Widely Known as CoachAKG

* He is a Revolutionary Motivational Speaker, Life Coach.Sales & Marketing Expert

* He has completed MBA(Marketing) from JNU after that he has worked in the top pharmaceutical company in India.

* He has a rich experience of 10 years in sales and marketing with so many wonderful achievements.

* He has conducted more than 1000 Physical /Virtual Events

Free of cost for mentoring Youth, Students, Employees and Businessman.

* He delivers the Most valuable message on Life Improvement,

which is Helping People across the Globe in changing their lives.

Leading companies in industries.

* He has set a mission to reach 10 Lakhs youth, Employees

 and Salesman By 2026, who are facing challenges in their personal and professional life.

Motivational Speakers & Sales Expert- CoachAKG

Nobody said that life will be easy, it goes up and down like a roller coaster. According to medical science a human mind has around 60,000 thoughts in a day and most of them are uselessly negative. You need to train your mind to think more positive thoughts so you can understand the purpose of your life. To train your mind to think positive thoughts you need to listen to the people who have a positive mindset. In India many inspirational personalities, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders who can help you to train your mind to think positive thought. All you have to do is to listen to them daily for an hour! They will change the way you see life. The best motivational speakers in India have been successful in changing the lives of millions with the help of their knowledge, words, emotions, vision and purpose. They are also invited to many colleges across India to motivate students and to teach them the real path to success. Many corporations and companies also invite them to take seminars to motivate their employee.

Meet The Team

Here are our awesome team.

Abhishek Goswami

CEO & Founder

Kumari Nikki

Content Associate 

Ajay Kumar

Marketing Manager

Sushant Kumar

Web Designer



Events Conducted


People Benefited


Awards Won


"Wonderful, you spoke brilliant last night – best speech I can remember for a long time."  Mr. Kumar Amit Ranjan

"Your keynote was quite divine! I loved the way you delivered your Message and impressed."  Dr. Ahsan Khan

"Thank you so much for the absolute fantastic speech which you delivered at the organization." Mr. Tarkeshwar Singh

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